The story behind our name

Whoever told you that naming something that is close to permanent is easy, TRUST ME, its NOT. Best of luck to all you parents!

When I came up with the idea of “AISPI”, the idea was the easy part, the name not so much. I brainstormed for days, and felt as if that was the only thing stopping me from launching the concept.

I started off with penning down some ideas, and words that described the values of what I wanted the company to stand for. At the same time, I was being hounded by advice that having a catchy name, a memorable jingle, was all that mattered – who cares what it meant?

With a dictionary and thesaurus at hand, I narrowed down on ESPY – which means To Discover, to find, to unearth. After all, that is what we are doing here right?

Discovering local fashion and emerging designers

Unearthing hidden talent of wonderful student and emerging photographers

Finding your unique personality and style

To add a twist to the name, my friend and co-founder of The Vegetarian Elite, Sneha Mehta,  had a cute idea. Lets make ESPY – AISPI, after my name, Aisha and to combine with the famous jingle I-Spy with my little Eye!

Behold, AISPI

I want to get inspired

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