AiSPi is derived from the word ‘ESPY’ which stands for discover
Our founder, Aisha, wanted to personalise the word and therefore renamed it AiSPi

We are a curation platform that brings together fashion and travel experiences.

AiSPi has a lot to offer:

  • You can think of us like a ‘Michelin’ guide to local European fashion. You will find validated and curated fashion boutiques and emerging designers that allow you to truly express yourself. Next time, when you receive a complement on your outfit, watch it turn into an hour long conversation about your trip to Rome!
  • We sell curated items from designers we love via our online and offline pop ups. Keep an eye out for them and you are sure to get your hands on something your friends don’t have

Great question! We use the following curation guidelines
– Fashion forward
– Value for money (you get what you pay for, if its an established brand or if it is high quality silk or cashmere or if it is just a trendy top in viscose)

We source our data through influencers, stylists and intensive research coupled with a personal visit

The AiSPi Club is an exclusive loyalty program offering a personalised and curation fashion experience for you. As a member, you can earn points, access private shows, pre-order classics, meet designers, and enjoy other exclusive benefits.

All you need to do is sign up! Simply create your AiSPi account on your website to start enjoying the benefits and collect points. 

Head over to the AiSPi Account page and sign up using your phone number as well as your email id. If your account already exists, you can log in using the password you had set or set a new password. 

If you’re a returning user, make sure that the number you use while placing an order is the same as the AiSPi account number. For your earn or redeemed AiSPi points to show accurately, please review the phone number under address in your billing details. It may take up to 72 hours after updating for your points to sync.

Being a part of the AiSPi Club will give you an exclusive glimpse into the fashion industry. You will not only earn points on purchases, but also gain first-access to new arrivals, receive insider updates, enjoy personalised styling advice, and unlock a range of exclusive benefits.

As a member, you can earn points on purchases, get early access to new arrivals, receive personalised styling advice, enjoy insider updates, and access a variety of exclusive perks based on your membership tier. 

The AiSPi Tier program is our rewards tier. This means that as your total spend increases, so do the services and benefits you can take advantage of.

  • AiSPi Insider: Accumulate 5000 points through your purchases on your AiSPi account to reach this tier.
  • AiSPi Rising Star: Once you’ve become an AiSPi Insider, you can collect 7500 points to upgrade.
  • AiSPi Glam Getter: Accumulate 15,000 points once you’re a Rising Star to become a Glam Getter.
  • AiSPi Show Stopper: Collect 37,500 points to upgrade from AiSPi Glam Getter.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you will automatically be moved up the AiSPi Tiers. 

You can earn points by signing up, making purchases, referring friends, participating in AiSPi activities, and attending offline events. 

1 euro is equal to 10 points. Similarly, every 90 rupees is worth 10 points.

Log into your AiSPi Club account to view your current points. In fact–you can also see the number of points you earn with each purchase just below the add to cart button on every product page. 

Yes! Just by signing up, you automatically earn 100 points. 

Yes, you can earn points by referring friends! Share your unique referral code available in your AiSPi account with your friends and ask them to use it while signing up. For every friend you refer, you get 100 points. 

Unless you are upgraded to a new tier, you will keep your current status for 24 months. 

Absolutely! We would love to create a personalised itinerary for you if you’re an AiSPi Club Member as it is part of the special tier benefits we offer! Just send us your dates and destinations and let us get to work.

The idea of a trunk show is that the items are available for a limited time. This allows the products to be exclusive and not ‘mainstream’. We believe that the products you buy should be representative of the effort you go into finding them.

Our product price ranges from €200 to €800. There are two things to keep in mind:

  1. AiSPi designers are often priced basis the quality of materials they use. You pay for what you get. Silk is more than viscose and cashmere is more than cotton.
  2. For most high end designers and brands, the starting price point of a hand bag is at €1000. Therefore, what you get as last season/ sale at a high end brand, you get an exclusive, unique and latest piece with an AiSPi designer.

A shop or boutique has a brick and mortar or online presence and they produce things in bulk. They don’t customize and they are established. There is mostly a price range of €50 to €500

A designer on the other hand has limited stock, customizes or personalizes purchases and does not have a price limit.

We started AiSPi with a vision to make a difference in the lives of creatives. AiSPi Talent is a freelance portal of validated, hardworking and super creative emerging artists. Majority of the coverage on this website is done by them. It is a place where through collaborations they are able to push their boundaries. You can use it find young professionals with a personal referral for your next project.

Here we all collaborate together to produce an experience for the every day consumer. You are encouraged to think from a business mindset alongside pushing your creative boundaries

Check out the talent home page for details

Awesome! That’s exciting, we love hearing from new shops and designers. We do not charge you to be on the platform. You are only charged for premium coverage.

As long as you meet the following criteria drop us an email at

– Something unique and fashion forward
– High quality or value for money within an average price range of €600
– Independent with roots in Europe
– Online or brick and mortar presence

We would LOVE to hear from you. You can join us using the following links
– Check out our careers page to join the team
– Check out our join talent page to be part of AISPI talent freelance platform
– Send us an email for general inquiries on


Still have questions?

For any further questions or queries, reach out to us on or Whatsapp us! You can also use the contact us button to write to us.