The #AISPI Effect

A lot of you may love, like, notice or even hate our Instagram aesthetic. The one that has the graphic with the two images – sounds familiar??? Well we aren’t thaaat crazy to stick to this rigid format for no reason 😉

This is a ‘sort of’ experiment that my obsessive organized self is out to do. A large reason behind why I wanted to launch AISPI was to add some method to the beautifully chaotic world of fashion and social media. The world of fashion marketing was transformed and consumers gained exposure to a whole new world almost instantly. Blogging and Instagram – 2 massive industries that were created in only 3 years. However, I feel this revolution led to an imbalance in inflow information versus filtering and retaining. Therefore, I wanted to start an organized Instagram search engine that helps people find the information when they actually need it – similar to the Instagram save labels feature.

Thus, my personal creation of the AISPI HASHTAG EFFECT.

The idea behind #aispi is to allow you to find information/ create lists when you actually need them, using a very simple formula – read on!

STEP 1: Go to tag search as you normally would on Instagram

STEP 2: To find out anything that AISPI covers, #aispix

STEP 3: You will see a list of all that we have covered, lets say you want to visit London and don’t have the time to browse through a ton of images, lists and write ups. Simply type #aispixlondon

STEP 4: You will automatically get a list of all the posts covered under London. The beauty of those graphic posts is that to immediately find out about the shop, what is sells and at what price point, you just need to look out for the graphics!

Explore away!

I want to get inspired

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