Multitasking? Influencer Marina Matiss can do it all!

Marina Matiss is a lady of many talents! Besides creating content, she spends her time modeling, singing and writing. On top of that she speaks 7 different languages. Impressed? So were we! This versatile influencer is originally from Belarus but she currently lives in Spain.

When was the last time you traveled and where to?

I try to travel as much as possible in the time that I have. My last trip was to Tenerife.

What are your favorite boutiques and designers?

I don’t really stick to certain boutiques or brands. I find beautiful fashion items both in known stores as in small, local boutiques. It’s whatever I instantly like colour and size-wise. Anything that doesn’t make me look like a Sponge Bob, which is 99% the case with contemporary fashion for whatever reason.

How do you stand out from the crowd of influencers?

I’m a multi-influence person. I don’t focus on one specific niche. I never thought of being an influencer or even a model. I’m a musician, singer and song writer. I published a book in Russian, I speak 7 languages.

I believe the energy I have inside me and my diversity of interests is what makes my account attractive to follow.

What is your business tip on remaining relevant on social media?

Not caring too much. I notice some trends though. If I like something personally I can add it up. A bit of marketing always helps. This innate sense of marketing is probably something everyone who wants to be something more than an office plankton should have.

What do you think is the right balance in terms of planned and spontaneous content creation?

Whatever makes your account look perfect. There are situations when having your content planned perfectly works. However the best shots are usually those that come spontaneously: A natural smile, a surprise, emotions.

Marina Matiss

Do you think the influencer industry is too dependent on Instagram?

Absolutely. Not only the influencer industry, but all kind of industries follow trends. Anywhere where customers can be found, industries will pop up. If a certain target group of customers is active on Instagram, it is recommended that industries find themselves on the same social media channel in order to gain brand awareness.

How do you feel about the authenticity of the industry today?

Check the content. In my opinion, if you like the photos, images, style of an influencer, it doesn’t matter whether there are bots or not. Even Justin Bieber had bots. So basically, if it is quality content people will see it and love it.

Tell us about a time that you failed and how you dealt with that?

I was left a couple of times with no job, no money, no place to stay, no idea what to do next day. Just me and my luggage. But every time I was creative and positive about my situation. Somehow, as soon as something extreme happened, my brain uses it to kick me hard so I start taking advantage of the situation I’m in. This is also how I became a model. I remember when I was in such a situation and instead of sitting and crying, I put on my most beautiful dress, did my make up and went for a walk smiling in the center of Madrid. That’s how I was spotted. Next day I was taking part in a fashion show in Valencia.

Marina Matiss

What would you recommend young readers on how to make their own memories?

Don’t try to copy what has been done already. Create your own life and style.

It’s not easy in the beginning, but once you find the right approach and the right feeling for it, every thing will work out fine. There are many amazing books on how to work on your creativity with supplementary exercises. An example: Take a simple object and just look at it. Touch it. Feel it. Imagine it in a different way.

Are there any upcoming fashion events in your agenda?

I am currently working on my music more often. I am preparing to release my first single and then a couple of songs, a video clip and a photolesion for it.

Marina Matiss

– Interviewed and Edited by Emma Van Severen

All images are courtesy of Marina Matiss.

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