Payal Jain Parikh – The New Age Influencer

How did you get the idea to launch your brand?

Fashion has always been my passion since I was little. I’ve always been inspired by art and fashion. I grew up playing with my mum’s outfits, make-up and dressing up my friends. I’ve also earlier worked as a junior fashion stylist in Bollywood. However, personally I always felt there was a huge gap in the Indian market when it came to trendy fashion and everyone would only turn to international brands to shop. I remember making so many trips abroad only to shop. The Indian in me pushed me to finally start Missfetch post marriage. The main idea behind the brand is to offer luxury clothes at an affordable pricing. My idea of shopping is never a one time wear-  I love to invest in timeless pieces that I can wear over the years. So I think Missfetch is the best place for that! I work out of my husband’s office where I have a small unit and a small team that help me with Missfetch.

Payal Jain Parikh

Tell us little about your journey as an influencer. In such a saturated space, how do you ensure that you and your work stands out?

I’ve always loved documenting and sharing my experiences, especially  through photography even when i wasn’t really an influencer, I still had a great following. I somehow would land up influencing so many people around me without even realising.  This lockdown during covid really pushed me and gave me the time to start this professionally. It’s only been a few months since I started this and I’m loving every bit of it. I love discovering emerging brands – and the products they have to offer. There is so much to learn everyday. When you’re an influencer you touch the lives of so many. And I feel super grateful that I can be a medium between brands and my audience. Starting a blog was the most amazing thing for me to do. However blogging is kind of  a saturated  space – It is important to just be yourself. No competition, no comparison, no negativity should hold you down. I believe a lot in gratitude and that really helps me enjoy what I  do! All the love boosts my confidence to make better content each day. I’m proud of staying in my own lane and focusing on being authentic to my true self. The right kind of brands will always love the content you create no matter how saturated the space is. There are always brands who want to reach out to your Niche – your target audience.The Influencer market is only and only growing in India.


What is the greatest and toughest part of being a founder? How has the past year,in particular,impacted you and how have you gotten through it?

So Missfetch is not just a brand for me it’s my baby.  I’ve put so much of my time and effort into it – Starting from surveys I sent to my friends on what they would like to buy, their price preferences, trend analysis etc. The toughest part of being a founder is when Something is of your own you just never get time off as much as I love my work it’s also super hectic. When you’re a founder you can’t switch your mind off like how possibly one can when you’re working under somebody. I remember when I was working as a PR consultant for a company I would be done at 7:00pm and that was it I could totally switch off and give myself time post work. I can’t do that anymore I’m always working and brainstorming on designs and new ideas. The past year has been pretty stressful for all of us especially with the sales going down, my brand wasn’t really going the way I wanted and it got pretty stressful. I had so much dead inventory. But now slowly and steadily that’s improving!

How do you think the role of an influencer has evolved in the past few years? Where Do you see it going in the future? What is the impact that you think influencers will have in a post covid world?

I personally feel that over the last few years, brands have collaborated with the change makers of social media to stay ahead in the digital market. Marketers are investing more time and money  into  influencer marketing because they are starting to see the power of working with influential voices to create brand awareness. Initially it was only YouTube and then Facebook & Instagram but now Instagram has just taken over and become a big hub. Infact now people solely believe in the power of influencer marketing. The most interesting part is that there is a shift of creative power from the hands of advertisers to consumers. The current digital market is highly focused on the actual needs of consumers and it is their decision that defines where brands stand today in the market. And I truly believe that even post covidInfluencer marketing is definitely a thriving marketing tool that’s making the business of influence significant. Influencers are definitely here to stay. Payal Jain Parikh

Tell us a little about your post covid travel plans. Where do you hope to travel to once is it safe to do so?

My first and foremost post covid travel destinations has to be my all time favourite Destinations Milan-Paris- London. It is so magical and romantic.There is not a single shopping lover who doesn’t love the famous Oxford Street in London and The Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris. With more than 400 shops, designer outlets this street has anything you can ask for, whether you are looking for sporty clothes, antique stuff,  furniture or you want to dress up for some special occasion. For luxury lovers like you – Bond Street and Mayfair are my top exclusive choices to visit. And how can I not mention Harrods! The incredible galleries, independent fashion boutiques in Milan- something you cannot miss.

How do you think travel has influenced your taste in fashion? Do you have any memorable travel experiences to share with us specific to Europe?

When you travel the diversity of cultures really helps you get new ideas, new inspirations. You are educated in many ways by seeing new things, new people and get to know about new trends London will always hold a special place in my heart and is the one place that gives me the most inspiration for my unique style, which is minimal, flirty, mixed with a vintage touch.I love love shopping in London as I really feel that their sense of  style really resonates with mine. The streets of London are lined with quirky boutiques, thriving markets and high-end shops offering collections of sought after items alongside unique, one-off designs. I always land up discovering so many new brands with each trip it  amazes me! One of my favourite memories was in London in 2010  and picked up the cutest dress from BCBG. for my college prom. It was the most perfect embellished dress  which I must have worn at least80 times uptil now. Every time i wear this dress even today I still get asked where my dress is from. This is the dress i want to pass down to my future kids and their kids. Last year i picked up the most beautiful dress from a small vintage store from Notting Hill and it is so gorgeous. AISPI: Your shopping guide for boutiques and designers in Europe

How do you hope to drive an impact in the months to come as an influencer and a founder?

I’m going to definitely start by defining my goals for Missfetch I’m vigorously working on more brand awareness, building the brand identity and definitely pushing sales to make up for the loss due to covid. As an Influencer my goal is to work on more engagement with my audience and lead generation. And try and keep my audience interested with fun, helpful content and have more giveaways my insta fam loves them. I also hope to channel a lot of traffic to the brands I work with and since 2020 has been all about vocal for local I would definitely love to help them grow more with me!

All images courtesy of Payal Jain Parikh.

– Written by Soha Joshi

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