My first time at Milan Fashion Week!

Last year was my first time attending Milan Fashion week, and I can say without a doubt, it was creative paradise! Instead of the glitzy runaway shows, I attended the lesser known and in my opinion, the more exclusive, trade shows. What I loved about this experience was how unfiltered it was, and the exciting new brands and aesthetics I discovered that I had never heard of before. Trade shows are reserved exclusively for buyers, designers and media so I was incredibly lucky to piggy back onto this one.  I spent hours walking around the warehouses trying, touching and absorbing the intricacies of every piece. Here’s a list of a few of my favourites:

Edward Achour Paris

Milan FashionMilan Fashion

When I first walked past their stall, I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t Chanel. I loved how elegantly tailored and tasteful their collections are. From tailored pant suits, to tweed jackets, embroidered blouses and pearl studded knitwear, they have a beautiful collection that’s undeniably vintage Parisian with a hint of Balmain chic. With pieces in a range of about 300 euros and upwards, definitely a great place to pick up Chanel inspired statement pieces for your wardrobe! 


Milan FashionMilan Fashion

Quirky, chic and fun! I loved the textural fabric handbags at Kooreloo, I found them so incredibly versatile, easy to pair with jeans in the summer and yet stunning enough to wear with a faux fur in the fall. I like that the handbags are not traditionally stiff leather yet still have a structured element to them with the gold buttons. I think this is a great statement bag for a wardrobe like mine that’s almost all black and white! 

Maxine Shoes

Milan Fashion

I am a shoe fiend and love nothing more than a statement heel. Maxine shoes is a London based brand that delivers exactly that! Maxine shoes was definitely one of my top favourite designers from the show; I especially love that her prints are fun and inspired by modern art especially the popcorn pumps that scream Andy Warhol! I can just imagine myself rocking them in the summer with a pair of distressed denim & a white shirt.

Sara Roka

Milan Fashion

If you’re looking for printed perfection, look no further because no one does prints like Sara Roka! I think most people are scared to experiment with prints because it’s hard to make them look elegant and expensive! But I found Sara Roka achieves this effortlessly with her dresses. Her prints are bold and colourful and the silhouettes are modest and transgress any age limit. I think she really makes the midi length on skirts and dresses fashionable again!  

Katerina Psoma

Milan FashionMilan Fashion

When I think of Greece, I think of a carefree light summer breeze and a golden sky with crystal blue waters and Katerina Psoma gives you this exact feeling with each of her bejewelled creations. Each jewellery piece is uniquely whimsical and she uses shells, water, stars and the beach as inspiration. I tend to think less is more with accessories and I cannot think of anything else I want to wear right now than this beautiful gold plated pearl cuff!

While you can’t really buy anything at the stalls themselves, it was a great experience speaking to the designers, learning about what inspires them and catching all the fall-winter 2019 trends months in advance! I also loved curating outfit inspirations and must have checklists from all these new designers and more!

Happy Easter Weekend! 

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All images courtesy respective brands.

– Written by Farah Bandukwalla

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