Now you can be a part of London Fashion Week!

How many times have you sat on your couch and watched the models sashay down the ramps in gorgeous couture–from your mobile phone? Ever felt that you wanted to be a part of fashion week and experience the energy and thrill for yourself? Well, now you can!

The British Fashion Council recently announced that London Fashion Week will be the first of the four global fashion weeks to go public. What it essentially means is that there will now be two sections of the audience. The industry folk will, of course, have access to all the major designer shows from September 13th to September 17th. The rest of the audience which comprises of the general public will be able to purchase a ticket to the official London Fashion Week Hub, a special immersive experience that allows the audience to take part.

They will be able to view six catwalk shows, enjoy the creative installations set up in and around the locations and participate in workshops and industry-led panel discussions that give the audience valuable insights into the workings of one of the most awaited international fashion weeks. The London Fashion Week Hub is a short-term event, opening it’s doors to the public for only two days – September 14th and September 15th.

Experience the magic

Tickets for the general public are slotted into Standard and Front Row. Standard tickets cost £135 and Front Row tickets cost £245. The tickets for the front row come with a host of other perks, but if you are worried about the hole in your pocket, the benefits of the Standard ticket aren’t so bad either; find out more and purchase tickets on this link.

Since long now, London Fashion Week is renowned for it’s showcase of designers that includes an intelligent mix of the established names as well as upcoming labels. They have successfully managed to leave the audience, whether virtual or physical, enthralled with the interesting talent that they have to offer. Keeping up with the ever-changing format of the international fashion industry especially spurred by digital media, the British Fashion Council made the landmark decision in order to boost engagement and encourage participation from audiences outside of the fashion industry regulars.

The British Fashion Council also plans to introduce the concept of #PositiveFashion which takes into consideration three factors – sustainability, diversity & equality as well as craftsmanship & community. Through the Designer Exhibition, an initiative where the audience, both within the industry and the general public will be able to discover upcoming brands who’s values align with the three pillars upon which the exhibit has been conceptualized. In doing so, British Fashion Council also hopes to give a platform to and encourage independent designers and brands who’s work has been, up until now, gone unnoticed or been overshadowed by the regular names that showcase at London Fashion Week.

This year, British Fashion Council will also partner with key institutions and retail establishments to encourage participation from a wider audience. Also, they will release regular updates from the shows at London Fashion Week on the LetsBab app. This would enable viewers to stay updated with the happenings at London Fashion Week in real time.

We at AISPI love this super exciting series of concepts introduced by British Fashion Council at London Fashion Week this season. In today’s fast paced world, it is extremely crucial for organizations and individuals to stay connected with what the audience wants as opposed to what they think is the ideal way forward.

We would love to know what you think! Do you think this is something that the rest of the international fashion weeks should pick up on as well?
All images are courtesy of British Fashion Council and London Fashion Week.

– Written by Soha Joshi

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