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As a corporate professional with over nine years of experience in helping startups with business and strategy, Aisha Saraf Kothari carried a laptop bag that was both, practical and functional. However, the decidedly ordinary and bulky exterior always ensured that something was missing. As the founder of AISPI – a digital platform that aimed to create conversations around fashion, however, she knew she would to do much better than your regular leather what’s-the-name. And a black leather backpack from Chiara Ferragni fit the bill just right.

Image courtesy of Shopee

Says Aisha, “The day I launched AISPI, the first thing I did was to get myself a bag in which I could stash my computer. I also needed it to be one that was fun, stylish and ensured you did a double take, no matter when you saw it.” Pointing to the black leather backpack from Chiara Ferragni, she says, “I had been eyeing this one for a long time and it was everything that I needed to balance my work as a startup founder along with that of a business consultant with EY. The bag is made from ultra fine epee leather and has an interesting design that always manages to spark a conversation. Infact when I enter any office, there is always a look of curiosity in people’s eyes as to how one can carry such a bold ‘computer bag’ – it leaves a mark. I have had countless people stop me in the streets to ask me where I got it from. As the founder of a company that prides itself on curating statement-making European designer pieces, I couldn’t be prouder of my purchase. It is also incredibly sturdy and can carry so many things.”

Inspired by her story, Team AISPI recently took to Instagram to ask our community if they had a similar experience to share. Our followers told us stories of their most memorable purchases and below, we are sharing some of our favourite ones:

Priyanka Mehta

The KAAI Hero bag | Image courtesy – KAAI

Priyanka Mehta of Antwerp based fine jewellery brand N-UE loves her KAAI Hero bag. As a working mother of three in an industry predominantly run by men, Priyanka was looking for a bag that would hold her laptop, embody her spirit as a professional woman and allow her to go hands free when she wanted to. The KAAI Hero bag with it’s clean lines and a shape that is classic yet versatile is exactly that. Priyanka says, “The bag goes from a shoulder bag to a backpack in seconds and is a clear reflection of my personal style and taste. It is also made by two women who are based in Antwerp, the same city where my own brand was born. I love the epee leather that gives the bag a very refined look.”

Aashnee Gajaria

Aashnee (R) with her bag | Image courtesy – Aashnee Gajaria

A firm believer of the classic adage that less is always more, Aashnee Gajaria chanced upon her much loved tan boxy bag in a store window and immediately knew she had to buy it. “I spotted this bag and absolutely loved it! Everyone who sees it tells me it’s one of the edgiest pieces that they have come across,” Aashnee gushes. “It has an arrow lock and even though the colour is more classic, it always manages to create an impact. The hardware is extremely unique, which ensures it looks like a statement piece.”

For AISPI, fashion has always been an extension of our personality, a statement, almost like a chance to show the world who we are. Fashion allows us to connect with the world and it enables us to support the many creatives who form the local fashion community of Europe. We are proud to be a part of a movement that is so personal; for us, fashion is a deeper connection to our most intrinsic selves and every piece in our wardrobe, a chance to express ourselves.

– Written by Soha Joshi

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