Step Into The Entwined World Of Espadrilles With Toni Pons

Espadrilles are shoes made with jute rope or hemp braided with linen. It comes from the Spanish Pyrenees, where they were named after the type of plant that was originally burned to make the soles, “esparto” or “espardenya”. Ironically, they were traditionally seen as footwear for the most humble people: worn by miners, fishermen and peasants before becoming fashionable accessories as they are nowadays.

When stars like Sophia Loren, Lauren Bacall or Grace Kelly commence to wear them, it was voiced that espadrilles were not for the humbled any more. Still, it was not till the end of the sixties when Yves Saint Laurent took the espadrille to new heights by introducing heeled espadrille into his collection. Today, almost every woman in the South of France has a pair of espadrilles with heels and ribbons that are tied around the ankle, a legacy of the noteworthy YSL. From peasant shoes to must-have staples in a few simple steps!

The picturesque streets of the ancient capital of Al-Andalus are home to Toni Pons, a shoe brand originated in Seville, Spain. Their mission? To convey Mediterranean essence through a professional team of advisors that will transform your shopping trip into an experience to relish.

Toni Pons: Three generations of passion and commitment

“We want to share our passion for footwear with you and in particular the world of espadrilles, our specialty!”

Toni Pons was founded in 1946 as a typical shoe factory by Antoni Pons Parramon. His son, Antoni Pons i Carós joined the organization at the age of 18 with a vision of enlarging the scope of the brand. Up to this point, it has been purely local and he wanted to take it to international waters. In 1991, the firm took the step of entering the French market achieving great acceptance.

Toni Pons is now led by Jordi Pons, the third generation of the family, who joined the organization in 2012 to continue the company’s ambition. Some updates have been made since the first space was open, however the gentle care and determination that has been inherent to brand from the beginning stays intact.

“We will continue to create timeless collections made by the hands of craftsmen, making use of techniques with centuries-old traditions, using high quality materials and taking care of our environment.”

Now the company began its foray into the retail world with the opening of the Toni Pons stores while establishing and strengthening its position in the digital environment. Simply put, beautifully crafted espadrilles are now just one click away!

A mosaic of collections

Since they are 100% natural, espadrilles have flexible soles and allow the feet to breathe–being the direct contact between foot and the jute of the insole antibacterial. Moreover, this footwear is unisex an absolutely comfortable for everyone. This is the reason why Toni Pons does not have a specific focus when it comes to design. Endless models conform to the myriad of the label’s collections with one unique spine: simplicity.

It is this simplicity that makes espadrilles very versatile and combinable. Ribbons, laces and embroideries find home in lock heels, sneakers and slip-ons, all done up in classic Toni Pons style. Each espadrille has their own identity, ready to combine with that summer dress that has been waiting for the perfect shoe to match.

When growing, the firm aims to face the new challenges that may arise in the way while preserving its roots and values. For instance, the vegan collection is 100% natural, made of jute and fabric, and therefore, biodegradable. Truth is there are many challenges when it comes to contemporary fashion, but as it said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and Toni Pons has already taken the first one.

Check out their gorgeous shoes below.

All images are courtesy of Toni Pons. 

– Written by Clara Antúnez Martínez

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