The brands to watch from Paris Fashion Week

Straying away from the big names and focusing on the smaller labels is something that is at the crux of what AISPI does, and also something we are undeniably passionate about! Our recent trip to the City of Lights for fashion week affirmed our passion for it all the more; one look at the list of designers that we have here and you will understand why. Check out our top picks from Paris Fashion Week below and let us know if your list matches ours!

Workers Nobility

Paris Fashion Week

Born in Spain, Workers Nobility is a brand that prides itself on creating timeless garments for women with nobleness of character, mind and spirit. The clothing is made from 100% natural fibres and the brand has a well-defined DNA with it’s array of pieces cut in fluid silhouettes paired with a classic color story. Think pristine whites, luscious creams and warm greys mixed with the occasional baby blue or pastel pink. We loved discovering this brand and would recommend it for a day out or casual Fridays!


Paris Fashion Week

A brand that has perfected the art of mastering business with craft, Shushan is a brand from Ukraine that makes shirts in every style you can think of. Whether it’s an oversized number, or one that highlights your curves just right, every piece from Shushan is bound to make you feel fabulous. The color palette is an absolute dream as well – soft whites and classic khaki make the pieces easy to wear and style just about anywhere. If there’s a business idea that has stood the test of time, it is to do one thing and to do it well, and with that idea firmly in place, Shushan is well on it’s way to becoming a game-changer of it’s time.

Maison La Ponte

Paris Fashion Week

Italian brand Maison La Ponte fits perfectly with AISPI’s brand philosophy – with it’s assortment of separates rendered in punchy brights and bold graphics, the pieces are easy to spot even from a mile away. We absolutely loved the play of prints spotted on almost every one of the pieces – all custom made and in the brightest of colors possible – think houndstooth, leopard, polka dot (and every other iteration possible!) mixed with vivid blues, hot pinks and eye-watering reds. This was definitely one of our favorite finds at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 and we can’t wait to see what the brand does next!

Anissa Aida

Paris Fashion Week

Oh, how we love brands that go beyond the ordinary! Anissa Aida is all about that – taking inspiration from the sartorially rich cultures of Tunisia and Japan and translating it into ready-to-wear that is definitely out of this world, but chicly so. For Spring/Summer 2020, the brand presented a line of ready-to-wear separates and ultra-cool accessories in shades of blues interspersed with whites and khakis along with the occasional smattering of stripes. For accessories, we loved the bags delightfully rendered in every shade of blue and crafted in such a way that they resembled the Japanese art of origami.

Marianna Ladreyt

Paris Fashion Week

Ready-to-wear that focuses on streetwear, Marianna Ladreyt’s showcase at Paris Fashion Week SS 2020 was a stunning mix of clothing and accessories in bold colours, graphic shapes and a strong focus on the visual representation of the brand. We saw bum bags, hats in every style and turtleneck sweaters big enough to cover your entire face – everything that makes up the millennial girl’s ultimate streetstyle look.

Mayeul Reignault

One of our absolute favorite finds, Mayeul Reignault is a French accessory designer that makes incredible jewelry that is reminiscent of classic urban elements. We loved the gridwork inspired necklace and bracelets – a classic from Maiyet Reignault – rendered in rose gold that subtly balances out the strong design elements. What was even more impressive was the impeccable making of the jewellery. All made in Switzerland, the metal is molden into a form as thin as paper!


Paris Fashion Week

Designer Alexia Nokovitch of the AN-NEE label clearly loves her bracelets and scarves, given that she has an entire line dedicated to them. We’re not complaining though, and nor will you after seeing just how ingeniously she has designed them! The scarves range from sleek and delicate to bold and graphic (clearly AN-NEE has something for everyone!) and when paired with the bracelets – result in a duo that is out of this world! The cuffs are crafted in a way that you can weave an AN-NEE scarf through them – which means they are not to be worn only around the neck or in your hair. Check out the pictures below to know what we are talking about!

Ester Manas

Paris Fashion Week

Ester Manas is every girl’s dream. And when we say every girl, we absolutely mean it. When it comes to diversity in size, color or design, Ester Manas is walking the talk with a line of clothing that is, very interestingly, super flattering to every body shape and size in the book (something that not everyone has mastered, if we are being really honest here!). It’s only fitting then, that one of the product offerings from Ester Manas Spring/Summer 2020 should be a shirt that proudly reads – Size (Doesn’t) Matter.

5 Progress

Italian brand 5 Progress is a fantastic option for those craving for a slice of luxury fashion that doesn’t pinch the pockets; beautiful shirts, jackets, dresses and more are dressed up in fur and sequins interspersed with embroidery reminiscent of traditional Italian fashion. If you are looking for something that embodies the sartorial elegance of Italy, then be sure to check out this super cool brand!

Danieli Bergin

Taking the ultra-classic and everyone’s favorite fabric denim several notches higher is Italian footwear label Danieli Bergin. AISPI especially adored their line of denim booties – laced to perfection and promising to take you just a little closer to the sky with their ultra high heels. The brand’s inspiration is simple, they look at denim as a luxury fabric – a far cry from it’s days of being a regular member of the casual-wear club and translate every piece into something that a fashion-forward woman of the twenty first century would enjoy wearing!

All images are courtesy of the respective brands.

– Written by Soha Joshi

Do you have a favorite from our curation from Paris Fashion Week? Let us know, and don’t forget to stay tuned via our Instagram and blog on the latest from the fashion community in Europe and beyond!

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