Sustainable accessories with Mashu

Mashu has been a part of AiSPi’s curations since the very beginning, and for good reason. The brand was born out of founder and designer Ioanna Topouzoglou’s love for Art Deco interiors and objects along with Cycladic and contemporary architecture. Mashu marries a passion for good design with a wholesome sustainability strategy, making it a brand that is hard to miss and even harder to resist.

The brand is committed to using premium sustainable materials – one of them being the most popular vegan leather variant Piñatex–in their pieces, which are designed by Topouzoglou in London and handmade in sunny Greece. Mashu’s pieces are priced from £200 onwards and make for a great investment.

Mashu believes that a great product is not just one that ranks high on its aesthetics but also it’s impact on the environment, even more so considering the fashion industry and it’s impact on the planet and it’s ecosystems. Along with Piñatex, Mashu uses wooden offcuts from a furniture company in Greece for it’s bag handles that would otherwise be discarded, creating a circular economy and a complete cradle2cradle design ecosystem.

The brand has worked hard to align it’s design process, manufacturing and supply chains with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, that includes – among other things – removing toxic dyes and chemicals from it’s manufacturing processes, a stringently ethical production process that focuses on bettering the lives of the artisans whom they work with and a focus on transparency and giving back.

Discover Mashu’s collection via the images below:

Sustainable accessories, Mashu

You can shop Mashu here. All images and information courtesy of Mashu.

– Written by Soha Joshi

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